Instituto Superior Técnico

Gabinete de Comunicação e Relações Públicas

News / Events Submission

GCRP is the responssible and the editor of the news and events platform of Técnico Lisboa website as well as the social media connected to the institution.

The submission of news or information about an event (with interest to the Técnico Lisboa’s community in particular but also to the general public) presupposes the acceptance of the cabinet and CGRP reserve the right to:

  • The discription of the submited content, atualize, change or substitute parts or the whole submission;
  • Change, by editorial reasons, the title and/or the discription submited in order to improve the clarity or structure of the text and to maintain the uniformity of the website style (redaction, dimension, …);
  • Analise editorially and determine if and when the submited content is or not published on the website, with it being published only on the social media pages of Técnico Lisboa and if the same content, if published, will be on the website highlights and by how long it will be in that position.
  •                                                                                                                                                                               .                                                                                                      Event submission                   News submission