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Abertura da Loja de Merchandising

25 of February, 2011

The Merchandising Shop of IST, Alameda campus, was inaugurated today and it’s located near the main entrance of the Central Building (Alameda Campus), opposite the Reception.

Since the March, 14th, the sale of products will take place there ( from 10:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00).  A person who belongs to the NAPE team and will be working at Reception (in front of the store) follow who want to buy any of the products displayed.

After March, 14th, exclusively and only on wednesdays, at time 17h00-19h00, you may purchase these products in GCRP (near classroom GA2). Appointments should be requested in advance by phone (on monday, wednesday or friday)  with Ana Rodrigues, or by e-mail.

Until March, 11th, you can still go directly to GCRP.

Send us your comments and suggestions to «», which we appreciate. Thank you.


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